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Congratulations! Your diligence is laudable and we are impressed that you ventured this deeply into the site.

Usually this area is full of legalese that in essence could boil down to:

  • our website is for informational purposes only;
  • you can use it freely but cannot interfere with its functionality;
  • we reserve all rights, disclaim any warranty and limit liability for our site and other third party sites as per custom.

If you are not a client, and sign up for our quarterly newsletter, we may occasionally send you other information we believe you would be interested in. It won’t happen often. We will provide you the same level of privacy as our valued clients.

Due to the highly regulated nature of our business, we limit our utilization of social media, and do not use it to provide service specific to you. We think you already know that we have no control over social media sites use of any information you share on them.

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