Planning and Wealth Management Reimagined

What does your dream life look like? Chances are it requires some level of financial security.

Fairbridge Capital Management delivers personalized investment advice no matter what stage of life youre in. We offer our clients market insights, sound investment strategies, and personalized portfolios that support your overall goals.

If youve been thinking about how to secure your financial future now is the time to put those plans into place.

Our Approach

At Fairbridge Capital Management our clients can expect goal-based financial planning and customized investment solutions using our three-step approach.

Step 1:
Understanding Your Needs
We discuss your future wants and determine the probability of achieving all or some of your goals.
Step 2:
Creating a Customized Portfolio
We create a cost-effective portfolio based around your financial needs. Once agreed upon we implement these strategies.
Step 3:
Periodically Reviewing Your Account
We review your progress at regular intervals- once a year at a minimum.
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Expert Guidance

Fairbridge Capital Management was created to efficiently guide your finances through your life stages and simplify the process to get you to your end goal. Because we have a fiduciary responsibility to you, we pride ourselves on putting your best interests before ours. Investing is only one of many ways that we can help add value to your financial future.

Why Fairbridge?

What makes Fairbridge Capital Management different than other investment advisors?
Our fees are simple to understand. We never collect commissions or hidden fees on your investments.

We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, which means we are legally bound to put your interests before ours.
We don’t receive referral fees from third party service providers we recommend.
We don’t have any proprietary products, thus avoiding any conflicts of interest.
We provide customized portfolios for each client based on their unique financial situation.
We focus more on the relationship than the transaction.
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How will you weather the next financial crisis?

Fairbridge offers a FREE investment assessment of your portfolios.