A Forward Thinking Investment Approach

At Fairbridge Capital Management, we consider fixed rules on portfolios to be a thing of the past. Buying and holding certain investment allocations through full market cycles, or rebalancing a portfolio based on a specified time interval has been the industry standard, but we think clients should expect more from their investment managers.

The Investment Style of The Future
We use our expertise to position your investments favorably in relation to market movements. We believe in a global based, actively managed portfolio. This places a focus on opportunistic rebalancing with the intention of buying low and selling high. All our client portfolios have built-in flexibility to take advantage of anticipated opportunities.
Investing with Precision
The specific opportunities we focus in on are those associated with changes in market volatility. Using our in-house, back tested methodology incorporating the activity of VIX futures, our firm has developed a sound strategy of buying and selling. So, during periods of low market volatility, we take the opportunity to increase defined risk by buying more equities and removing hedges from portfolios. Alternatively, during periods of high market volatility we may find it prudent to buy hedges or raise cash to reduce the defined risk.
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Your Personalized Plan
The portfolio and its makeup depend on your unique situation. From the start, we determine your appetite for risk based on your risk number, and build a cost-effective customized portfolio using individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Everyone does not simply get the same products in their portfolio when they become a new client. For example, our investment picks at the beginning of the year for our clients may not provide the same benefits for new investors that join the firm later. We hold ourselves highly accountable and make sure to communicate our plan of action with you before implementing any transactions with new clients.
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What's Your Risk Number?

It all starts with the Risk Number, a quantitative way to pinpoint how much risk youre comfortable with, how much risk you need to take to reach your goals, and how much risk you currently have in your portfolio. Rather than using the old way of stereotyping investors by age, we use a fresh new approach, considering each clients unique situation, combined with sophisticated technology.

How will you weather the next financial crisis?

Fairbridge offers a FREE investment assessment of your portfolios.