Benefit From Services Tailored to Your Unique Financial Needs

We spend time developing a global-based financial plan around your wants and needs for your money and how to best achieve them.

At Fairbridge, we provide the following service plans:

Goal-Based Financial Planning:

  • Financial Organization
  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Plan Analysis & Recommendations
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Recommendations
  • Insurance|Risk Management Analysis
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Distribution Strategies
  • Business Cash Flow Analysis & Recommendations
  • Quarterly Reviews with your Advisor
  • On-Demand Access to Current Plans Online and/or Smartphones.

Navigating Market Uncertainty

Wealth Management Services:

A multi-layered approach to constructing a customized portfolio. Wealth management includes everything you see in goal-based financial planning as well as:

  • Customized Portfolio Recommendations Around your Unique Risk Number
  • Actively Managed Portfolios using our Expertise
  • Estate Analysis & Recommendations
  • Ongoing Access to your Advisor with Response within 24 Hours

Get Retirement Ready

Why Hire a Wealth Management Firm?

The great thing about this information-driven era is that we all have vast amounts of resources available to us. Quality information can be found with a single search. Why would anyone still need to work with a financial advisor if they can do it themselves?

The truth is that sound advice from someone who can look at your specific circumstances and has the experience to understand the dynamics of the market is still incredibly valuable.

At Fairbridge Capital Management were here to make your life easier by combining experience, expertise, and a tailored yet simplified approach.

Fairbridge Capital Management was created to efficiently guide your finances through your life stages and simplify the process to get you to your end goal. Because we have a fiduciary responsibility to you, we pride ourselves on putting your best interests before ours. Investing is only one of many ways that we can help add value to your financial future.

We can help at every stage of life, no matter what your goals are. Maybe you identify with one or more of these situations:

You’ve just had a child and want to make sure you can afford education costs without impacting your retirement goals.
You want to invest but don’t know where to start or what risk level you’re comfortable with.
You want to explore alternative investment options other than savings accounts and/or CD’s.
You’re approaching retirement and not sure of the most efficient way to draw from your investments without running out of money.
You want the ability to afford major expenses other than your day-to-day expenses and not affect your long-term goals (new car purchase, new boat, second home, travel, starting a business, charitable donations, leaving a legacy, and so on.
You have a lot of debt and want to efficiently pay it off without impacting your retirement.
You have concentrated shares of stock and need an efficient way to de risk.
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How will you weather the next financial crisis?

Fairbridge offers a FREE investment assessment of your portfolios.